We constantly develop our products in response to the needs of the industry using highly specialized technological equipment.


At HP Industrial we have specialized in the supply of plastic components to companies who produce painting and cleaning equipment. Our area of expertise is to develop and produce quality plastic products either in co-development with customers or as standardized products available globally – products that are specialized for the pharmaceutical and food industries, or specialized technical brushes and outdoor brushes. We want to set the standard for development and production of innovative plast products and to be the most attractive sub-supplier within hygiene, professional cleaning and special tools.

In addition we build tools for our own unique products. We also take actively part in the development process of our customers’ new products. Before the final work is implemented we often produce prototype tools with our 3D CAD/CAM systems and 3 CNC machining centers.

At HP Industrial we use 3 different moulding techniques:

  • Foam moulding
  • Compact moulding
  • 2-component moulding (plastic/rubber)

For these techniques we have developed a number of special methods, of which some have been patented.


HP Plast began to produce foamed brushes and brooms with Niels Sørensen as manager of the production.


Jytte Rasmussen and Niels Sørensen acquired the brush and broom product lines. The newly founded company took its name from the product line “HP Industrial”.
The letters HP stand for the two founders of HP Plast, Mr. Hawaleska and Mr. Poulsen


The first compact injection moulding machines were installed, and a few years later, the company began to produce 2 component items of plastic and rubber. A tool department was established, enabling Niels Sørensen to realize his new product ideas.


Niels Sørensen developed a broom handle moulded in one piece that was able to withstand the rigors of various industrial environments. These handles are patented all over the world.


The company was sold to the present owners, Sigurd and Martin who own 50% each.