What we offer
HP Industrial offers the following high-quality plastic components for products used in the hygienic cleaning industry, i.e. within food preparation and healthcare industries and meet all requirements for strength and comfort:
  • Handles
  • Water flow brushes
  • Hand brushes
User benefits
  • Premium quality
  • Optional multi colour components to separate cleaning areas
  • FDA (CFR 21) and EU (10/2011) food approved and HACCP compliant
  • Member of FEIBP
  • Wide product range
  • Own moulding tools and equipment
  • Short lead time and timely delivery
Why us
Our components are resistant to both heat and chemicals. Our hygienic plastic components are all FDA (CFR 21) and EU (10/2011) food approved and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliant. All the components can be customized or produced by current industry standards and are available in many different colours, lengths and variations. We also offer logo-printing on the components!
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